Wisdom of the Body

[Recent poem. The art above is by my friend, artist, singer and poet Rachael Wenona Guy who lives in Castlemaine, Victoria (Australia). Rachael's poetry book is The Hungry Air at Walleah Press and she blogs at: https://rimofacup.wordpress.com/ ). 

Wisdom of the Body

The body as it ages, diminishes, draws attention to itself, as if to say:
         wakey, wakey, your vehicle is now leaving
             from Platform One.   It may hurt to say goodbye.

Usually, it has served you well. So well, that for all those active, busy
           years in the absorbing world of work & worry, willing & wanting,
                    you hardly noticed it

except when it got cold, hungry, horny or sick.    Now its miraculous parts
                                                       are slowly unrenewing,
one by one, providing perplexing practice in leave-taking & letting go.

Am I all you are, it whispers.                       If so, get ready
     for a bumpy ride.  I speak the hard language of pain & loss,
           the messy idiolect of complete dependence on others,

something you think childish, beneath your deigned dignity
        as purported king or queen of your life’s castle, 
               chief CEO & investor in your brand.

Well, sorry to break the news, but your brand has been superseded
     &, as planned, your imagined ‘you’ is now obsolete.
                                                                                     So, treat me well,
give me my minimal care & dues, & then step back, detach.      Leaving
         quietly, you’ll become the silence you always were,
                 as I sink slowly back into the fecund dust of stars.

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 10, 2021.

One Response to “Wisdom of the Body”

  1. so damn true…

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