Free (the) Memes

[Below some possible free memes for all to consider, amend, modify, add to, reject. Copyleft. Most are my own attempts, some are old ones from 1968 or ones I’ve found in the public domain more recently. IMO we are currently living through an, almost revolutionary, short window of opportunity to turn things around in terms of saving the planet from run-away climate chaos and further mass species extinction. This can be read as being the key message and wisdom of the terrible Covid 19 pandemic. If we fail to act now and ecocidal business-as-usual simply resumes in more or less its old destructive forms, if fossil fuels continue to be merrily extracted and consumed at their old rate and greenhouse gas emissions explode again, then goodbye folks, we’re heading for 3-6 degrees plus, great suffering and a largely unlivable planet.

These memes attempt to counter-act the narrow, self-serving framing of issues of most mainstream media and politicians. We need to change the narratives, sometimes more possible during deep crises like the present one. Would thus love to see some of these memes, and all the others everyone can come up with, spread far and wide, digitally and physically on footpaths and walls. The photo is of another of my own chalk attempts in my village park. Stencilling might be another technique to try.]


Sorry, the lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock

Be realistic, demand the impossible

Seize the time: Now the impossible is possible

Breakdown or breakthrough: our choice

Disasters break the ice of normal

Crisis reveals connectedness

Isolated, we realise togetherness

i – magine

Power to the imagination

Mother Earth speaks in silence

We’ve taken over evolution. So now we’re responsible.

Truth: inversely proportional to chatter

In silence: Truth

Democracy: truth in free public dialogue

Covid + Climate = Live more simply

Covid + Climate = One World or None

Covid says: Stop, Revive Community, Survive

Now: Bread + Roses for all!

Consuming less, living more


Demand equitable lessness

Covid + Climate teach Solidarity

Covid + Climate teach Enough Is Enough

Covid + Climate say: humans, time to grow up

Universal Basic Income for all!

Jobs, schmobs. Redistribute income.

Workers need income, not jobs

Carework counts: raise wages now!

Relocalise, Democratise, Survive

Relocalise energy, industry, food

Relocalise as One World

Local = Global

And now a Fair Earth Share for all!

Our dreams won’t fit in their ballot boxes

Only sustainable growth = Degrowth

Their Business as Usual is killing us

Bail out Nature + People, not Polluters

Socialise survival-essential industries

Green New Deal Now

Green Survival Package now

Green, not Black, Recovery Plan

Plant a tree, then trillions

Trees breathe us, trees save us

Vegies + chooks = survival + sanity

General Strike for Life (September 20)

Grief + Rage, Love + Vision

The planet: our one body, our one soul

Ecosystems R Us

Let oil, coal, airlines die a natural death

Clean air forever. No new roads, coal power or airports.

Covid came, killed, cleaned and counselled

Covid can’t kill capitalism on its own

Wise tech, not smart tech

Ration oil, ration travel

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 10, 2020.

2 Responses to “Free (the) Memes”

  1. these are wonderful…thanx!

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