Cruise Ship


[Recent poem, a rhyming English sonnet.]

Cruise Ship

Let’s board the exhilarating reek and roar
of cheap crude, swaying up gangplanks,
tight ropes still tethered to humdrum land,
hitchhiking rats, viruses itching for more

Now we are a white apparition inching through
smudged horizons, a floating city’s wrong
propeller drone damning fine whalesong
to stunned grunt, graveyard silence too

Cheap booze casual sex funpalace song,
burb-entitled freedom to pollute, hone
selfied bucketlists spewing brimstone,
history, penguins before they’re gone

Brown workers serve the white, coffee, tea,
send money home they seldom see

cruise ship workers

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 7, 2020.

One Response to “Cruise Ship”

  1. So good Peter – tragedy on so many levels concisely captured. (If anything changes after “this” is over…let’s hope it’s this).

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