4 Responses to “Tipping Point: The Wisdom of the Pandemic”

  1. maybe peter…maybe…one can hope…

  2. At the Verso blog, Jennifer Johnson argues “As the world settles into an era of uneasy stagnation, it’s crucial that we resist the temptation to praise the virus’s carbon-cutting credentials.”

    Her concern is that a Malthusian ecofascist right will use the argument “we are the virus” to promote their regressive agenda. Of course I know you are only asking people to listen and imagine, but I found her position provocative and thought provoking. I too am hoping for a positive rupture but know fear often produces reaction and a rush towards authority. The nationalist/ capitalist hegemony is deeply embedded and not easily dislodged.

  3. Hi Peter, I’ve sent your brilliant analysis of the way forward for humanity to friends and contacts up here, and to Roy Tasker of XR Blue Mountains, one of the main activists. I’ve invited him to contact me if he’d like to take part in an online discussion with you and me initially about your proposals, which I’m sure he will find compelling. Have you thought to send your piece to Roger Hallam of XR in London? I’m sure he would also find it well worth getting out there to XR people and supporters. Time for action, eh?


    • Many thanks camerado, very much appreciated. I might check out XR international/national chat sites to see if I can add these thoughts to the discussions…Maybe time to talk about how XR and others could move to vigorously campaigning for ‘No Move Back To Business As Usual’, a voluntary ‘General Strike for Life’, to keep and extend the useful pandemic ‘wartime measures’ to a ‘war footing’ for the climate/species emergency too, while democratising everything, starting relocalising and resisting the moves to authoritarian states…?

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