Rain Dance Haiku

[And now, after the fire infernos, the rains, partly torrential. Welcome. As with the fire haiku, these rain haiku again roughly follow the succession of experiences. Image from the brilliant Pina Bausch’s ballet Rites of Spring.]


Rain spit on forehead –
a continent of hope tugs
drought’s heavy anchor

Dry black burnt paddocks
hit hard by rain beating up
hope’s green shoots

Air alive with rain:
electric eel aura clears
fire-drought’s ash lungs

Sacred rain seeping
long drivels of foaming spit
down black fire trees

Rain’s air water
dissolves drought’s dun into
fresh coloured wonder

Rain-soaked shirt clinging
body cleanly, coldly – hot
sweat grime mere memory

Brown road puddle:
drought-forgotten miracle
praising sky water

Rained ground gives to foot:
womb-dead land opening up
skin to lover’s touch

Clean water current
down hard kerb creek clearing
mind to spotless glass

Rain runs its rills down
bare earth slopes – terracing, wise

Sound of boots squishing
wet litter ground’s godly give –
soft redemption song

Gurgling creek music –
flowing Timeless calming fire
mind’s cacophony

From moist brown soil rain
elves’ hats jut up soft white puffs
of fungal magic

Dams overflowing,
frog time, reed warbler back home –
sweet scales of release

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on February 17, 2020.

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