Notes from the Fire Siege 2

[Continues on from last post, like the megafires. We have now ourselves directly experienced fire/ember attack and have fled to safety, and now returned home, as yet unburned.]

Notes from the Fire Siege 2

Fires on TV screen, unscarily real/unreal. Suddenly a talking head in uniform says: your village is burning. Is that real?

Fleeing, through our car window screen, grass fires on either roadside are scarily real/unreal, orange adrenaline pumps, as untelevisable as a spiritual revolution.

Towards your car long advancing grass fires are lines of prettily flaring Christmas lights on one side, on the other its already leaping up, licking its bling-orange lips at your car doors.

The flames are alive with the sublime of terror and beauty, like Rilke’s terrible angel.

Ember attacks are mad hornets whirling the night dizzy.

These flames are air-lava eruptions leaping from desiccated plants, soils, forgetful hearts.

These raging fires seem enraged with someone or something. What is their thunderous roar screaming?

We deeply fear and admire this, perhaps in secret resonance with something similarly volcanic and forgotten inside us.

Afterwards, returning to the charcoal paddocks around us, it is yellow murk mask weather.

Everywhere scattered black eucalyptus leaves, microwaved, elegantly shiny-smooth, brittle; fierce, wise Odin’s fleeing ravens may have lost their feathers in this Ragnarök.

Pyro-nimbo-cumulus clouds tower as beautiful, serene, pure-white, angelic Everests above their roiling red progenitors destroying all below. Like humans, nature seems to love paradox.

There will no doubt soon be more new Pyro vocabulary. Pyro-politics, pyro-poetry, pyro-anxiety and –depression.

Chaos creates community. Never so much solidarity and public love. Why not always?

These fires are both expressions and subversive of capitalist competitiveness and consumer values.

Yet we continue to allow our order-givers to extract and export coal and gas at world record rates.

Now we too have thousands of megafirewar-traumatised children.

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on January 8, 2020.

One Response to “Notes from the Fire Siege 2”

  1. Is there enough pain in NSW and Victoria? Enough dead or homeless people and billions of killed animals and plants to send this bloody PM to hell?! Even a conservative newspaper in Germany called the bastard on the top of the government an ignorant “fire prince”. Time to rise up – or you have to leave as a fire refugee to New Zealand or Nauru. Capitalism, ignorance and the greed kills live and landscapes. Looks like a perfect setting for a dark Nick Cave Opera mixed with a Last Days Blade Runner Scenario, a Shakespeare Drama and a Hyronimus Bosch inferno. Great art, but you want survive. You need the anger of the suffering and the conscious people to kick the devil out. You are strong. And angry. He is unworthy and definitely the wrong person to lead a whole continent, he is an ordinary criminal old white man. A thief who steals the future of your country and you children. Stop him now! If you have too fight for your live you have enough pressure to act. In Europe we need much more years that people face the choice between a destructive capitalism that kills so much and a fair live for people and the whole planet. You have already the smell of devastation in your nose. Don’t give up. Fight back.

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