Greta’s Great Speech (with singer Megan Washington)

[Greta Thunberg’s great How Dare You speech, here in version with singer Megan Washington and musician Robert Davidson. Powerful, a fitting end to another missed decade for turning around the Titanic of Business-As-Usual before it takes us all over the cliff of ecological and social collapse. This new decade will be the decade of decision. As Greta says here: change will be coming whether you like it or not. If we want to like that change, it seems it’s time to self-organise and rebel against potential extinction and for a livable future for all. Happy Xmas and New Year to you all. Peter]

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 22, 2019.

2 Responses to “Greta’s Great Speech (with singer Megan Washington)”

  1. Thanks for sending this, Peter. A brilliant musical rendition of Greta’s bleak and visionary speech, which could be the motif for the whole Extinction Rebellion movement. As a member of the Blue Mountains XR choir I’ve seen what a big choir and powerful lyrics can do in a public space. It’s turned cooler here today and it feels like a bit of rain may be coming, which is all that will extinguish these vast fires. I hope you’ve managed to avoid them. We’ve been lucky here in Wenty and Katoomba that although fires have come within 10kms of us, they haven’t come any closer. Much to the credit of the RFS volunteers, who have been our guardian angels in the guise of ordinary men and women. Interesting times. Had an early Xmas with Sylvan’s family, then Julian and the gang. I love them all so dearly.

    Happy Xmas to you and yours, camarade.

  2. thanks Brendan. Yep, Greta’s speech could be great motif/’anthem’ for xr, I agree. Hope Grose Valley fire won’t creep much further south, and Ruined Castle doesn’t spread north-east, and our Bundy worry is the Currawan fire approaching from the south through the Morton NP…Maybe a big xr crowdfund campaign for the incredible RFS heroes? Happy Xmas and nouvelle annee to youse too, cobber.

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