Solidarity with Guatemalan Indigenous Women

[Amazing video entitled ‘Deep Looking’. The bravery, the radically anti-systemic and ecological consciousness, the feminism, the dignity, the solidarity, the ‘culture hacking’, the humour. The wide Power of Life Against the bloody Power of Money. May North and South now increasingly share our stories, our memes, our solidarity and forms of our resistance and self-organization against ecocide, extinction, neoliberal capitalism, our common struggle for ‘buen vivir’, a simpler, more equitable and good life for all on planet Earth within the planet’s ecological means. How can the rich North’s Extinction Rebellion, Climate Strikes etc. link up with the South’s indigenous resistances to ecocidal extractivism ?]

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 1, 2019.

2 Responses to “Solidarity with Guatemalan Indigenous Women”

  1. amazing…the love and commitment of the people to the land…
    the insights into the system…it’s unsustainable greed and destruction…
    we, caught in the capitalist web can learn so much from these women…
    in, against and beyond…

  2. Yes indeedy!

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