Burning Truth

[Recent sonnet on the great bushfires currently burning here in NSW and Queensland, Australia. The greater Sydney region last Tuesday had its first ever ‘Catastrophic’ Level Fire Alert (basically: ‘nothing can be done, run for it’). Over 1.3 million hectares burnt so far. With the mega-drought too, farmers are starting to give up and leave the land. With more drought, water insecurity, heatwaves and apocalyptic fires, the very livability of SE Australia, as well as California, may be in question. A large, active minority should by now be realizing that the growth-business-as-usual of our economic and political elites is leading us into the abyss. Time not only for non-violent rebellion and renewables but for non-violent revolution and climate justice? Photo from an Extinction Rebellion action].

Burning Truth

This is the time of yellow air, toxic
smoke, wilting winds that twist the heart,
fine red dust gritting teeth and trees.
Half the world ablaze, the other half

drowning. Laconic, our signs have added
catastrophic to their scales. We shrug,
fill our greedy tanks with our black fix,
hoping the next firestorm will pass us by.

Homes erased to embers, now we
suddenly have neighbours, food, tears,
holding, gushing from forgotten springs.

Destroyed, we birth the love we didn’t
know we wanted, our children our elders
searing streets with simple, burning truth.

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on November 17, 2019.

3 Responses to “Burning Truth”

  1. …we shrug, fill our tanks…and hope…oy…

  2. best to remain positive!

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