The Vastness of Our Moment

[Another musing on where we’re at. Took photo in winter 2017 at Mystery Bay on the NSW south coast. To process grief, fear and anger I recommend perhaps joining Extinction Rebellion in your locality. XR co-founder Roger Hallam’s website, cf. blogroll, is worth a visit too.]


The vastness of our moment. Almost beyond the imagination. After perhaps three million years of homo development, we have now arrived at our evolutionary crossroads. At the very real and increasingly likely possibility of widespread social collapse, our ending as an industrial civilisation, our decimation as a species.

Breakdown, and/or breakthrough.

Due to our global industrialisation, we are now facing the very real, or even very likely, possibility of a counter-evolutionary regression of our Ecosphere to a much simpler form. Without insects, a regression is possible to perhaps a few hundred million years back to the Silurian, a time only of primitive ferns and mosses, before insects.

No more living oceans, corals, rainforests. Instead: acidified oceans, vast deserts and arid zones, brown zones of contaminated wastelands where cities once stood. Drowned cities. The reign of hardy, opportunist weed species. Rats, rabbits, cockroaches, bacterial and viral plagues. No more miracles of small birds, orang utans, elephants, whales. Millions of years before the planet recovers and evolution resumes its trajectory and develops higher biological complexities again.

We can see signs of it all already happening. Under further capitalist business as usual, as our life-support systems continue to collapse, increasing and widespread panic is likely, as are human societies re-feudalised, re-tribalised, re-masculanised in brutal, barbaric struggles over scarce water, food, land, resources. We can imagine warlords, violent gangs of angry, despairing young men and women, segregated remnant urban areas of fetid slums and walled enclaves of privilege guarded by hired thugs.

Or else. Breakdown becomes breakthrough.

Social movements of self-radicalising conflict and deepening dialogue (like Extinction Rebellion) lead to greater understanding among large, active minorities. Cooperation, solidarity, sharing, climate and ecological justice, radical democratisation are gradually realized as the only alternative to total breakdown, fascism and a suicidal war of all against all.

In ecological, economic, political and spiritual One-World Consciousness we set about repairing and regenerating our Earth and our communities. Culturally diverse, our common language is Earth and evolution and the practical fact that we ‘think globally and act locally’.

We build a new, locally diverse and ecologically embedded world civilisation from the ground up. We find new forms of radically democratic participation at all levels.

We equitably share the costs and burdens of our transition to degrowth and ecologically sustainable, steady state economies of much lower resource consumption but much higher qualities of life. Where possible, we continually counter fear and panic with humour, solidarity and compassion. We globally share the burdens of mass movements of people caused by widespread ecological and social collapse.

We democratically sift through, culturally integrate and creatively use the best values, traditions, perspectives and technologies of the premodern, modern and postmodern. Democratically evaluated indigenous, agrarian and scientific wisdom and understandings all find their complementary and creatively useful places in a new post-postmodern paradigm.

Continuing our evolutionary trajectory, we open a new, higher stage in our human and planetary evolution. We, the cosmos and our Earth which gave us birth are now one integrated and conscious superorganism directing our own evolution towards ever higher-deeper dimensions of consciousness…

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on October 17, 2019.

One Response to “The Vastness of Our Moment”

  1. yep…the choices are there…and i’m sure hoping and preparing for the latter…

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