I spent the night with my I

[Fairly recent poem using a dream. Something to do with meditative practice of attempting to watching the ego… Painting is Magritte’s The False Mirror (1928)]

I spent the night with my I and believe me, it was not pleasant

Endless loops of impression design
and management. A cacophony
of engineering. Women I disliked
appeared seductive in open-backed
diaphanies of allure, as I contemplated,
if that’s the word, admiring conquest
of an eloquent mirror.

I tried keeping my I on this I’s antics
throughout the night, too little a veil.

Now, morning, I wash the night
from my non-existent eyes.

Another day, another watchful battle
with the alluring tricks & treats
of my non-existent I. Easy does it,
i-face. I, I, captain.

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on June 13, 2019.

9 Responses to “I spent the night with my I”

  1. nice one, peter…

  2. nice one, peter…

  3. I love the last stanza on this one

  4. Wow…hope you write about your trip…
    I’m leaving for the KY hills in a few minutes!
    Not very good internet reception up there, but probably for the best… (:

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