Here it is now

[Recent haikuesque poem written in a cafe during a great week at a poets’ workshop in Katoomba, Blue Mountains. Photo from my Galaxy J8 phone.]

Here It Is Now

this brick wall
auratic, crowned
with morning light

middleclass early walkers,
highviz men
off to work

thickening silence around
passing school bus,
pop music propping this café

light on teaspoon, on
quivering brown tea surface,
on table my hat, sculpted

Breastfeeding Welcome Here
sign half-torn on glass door
mirroring my half-head mirage

just a transient selfie
passing through
in analogue

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on April 9, 2019.

3 Responses to “Here it is now”

  1. the words put me there…
    really cool photo too…

  2. thanx Kristi, something about some cafes and trains sometimes stimulating writing…Cafes in Vienna c. 1900 used to provide dictionaries etc., you could sit all day after buying just one coffee, you’d get a glass of water delivered every hour on a silver tray, writers would have their mail delivered there, some would practically live there…dems were de days…

  3. wow…you aren’t a kiddin’ those were the days…
    times have changed…not for the best for the most…

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