Three/Four Haiku 2

[Three more nature haikus, with a fourth as a second version of the third haiku in only 9 instead of 17 syllables like the rest. Some say English haikus in 9-12 syllables are more like the classical Japanese in 17. Perhaps even more than other poetry, the space or Spacious Awareness, the pause, the breath is important. Maybe try reading slowly, each line on the outbreath, then pausing at the end of a line and being conscious of that silent, still Space without thought until the in-breath returns by itself and out of that still space you read the next line. Make an even longer pause before reading the first line of the next haiku. The image is again a Zen reed study of Form-Emptiness, simply done with my phone camera. This one is for Kyoko.]

Laden fall pear tree:
Bird alights just above
Leaning laden gun

Guarded against foxes,
A field hen, entranced, cocks head
To smartphone music

Graceful, easily
The old leaf falls into mouths
Of moist, hungry soil

Graceful, easily
The brown leaf

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 5, 2019.

3 Responses to “Three/Four Haiku 2”

  1. Wonderful shot.

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