Three Haiku 1

[Recent haiku. Only keeping to the classic 5-7-5 syllable form. ‘Haiku’ image studies of reeds at our dam, shot with Samsung J8 phone.]

Thunder rolling off:
Breathbody now electric
With lightning and life

Bleeding hand among thorns
Not disturbing spider’s web:
The last blackberry!

Mist rolling tree tops:
Bird staccato amplified,
Spacious stillness too

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 3, 2019.

5 Responses to “Three Haiku 1”

  1. nice…gave me lovely visuals…

  2. ….up on our kentucky ridge, they’ve been inundated with copious amounts of rain…everything is bass ackwards…folks are hesitant, prone to superstitions and faith…but i also notice some questioning…
    some cracks, letting the light in maybe..?
    meanwhile, here in south florida, weather is wacky too…but everyone just goes to disney world…

  3. i get a sad kind of indifference from my largely 2nd generation immigrant kids…the majority, not all, are pretty resigned to an attitude of it’s too late…one kid told me it’s all about making tons of money and getting out of town, so to speak…they’re all about the now, but in a resigned, disconnected, what can i do about it, sorta’ way….short attention spans…it’s all about me, selfies, hormones…typical of the age, but a pronounced lack of curiosity… also…the majority of these kids hate to read…comprehension and critical thinking are too hard…they’ve got their phones and their instagrams glued to their eyes…they might protest if an event went “viral”…but it would be more about getting out of class…and getting to be boisterous…
    school as we do it, is not empowering in the best sense…
    )heavy sigh(…

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