[Poem from my first collection The Post-Man Letters (2010, Picaro Press; now in the back catalogue at Gininderra Press). I hope the poem may ‘communicate before it is understood’. My collage image is using part of a drawing by German artist Kaethe Kollwitz.]



Waking to dream all is what it seems:
horrendous, happy enough
for the dappled decency of the right
common man, woman, spanning all insides
like invisible webs of benevolent mould
linking us, loving us into action
as we find some of our submerged other
selves ripe for revolution, the deep sea
future of our history humming
like muted trumpets at the four corners
of the unknown dream, softly
as mice feet over winter floorboards
seeking crumbs, release from
the teeth of meaning-hunger, the abyss
of premonitory fear marching
its fine long columns of anticipatory
ants through the labyrinths
of our despondent, hoping hearts.


Dreaming awake all seems what it is:
no action but suns rise, set, clocks
no longer tick but purr numbers
that define days spent waiting
for them to begin as the future
seeps through cracks, smiles, words,
like invisible honey from collapsed
hives, this street, this sky, mountain,
this room so real in its absence,
these small drops of fear and longing
melting slowly widening crevasses
under some nervine land of ice and hope.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on November 17, 2018.

3 Responses to “Premonitions”

  1. Terrific piece Peter. Defies interpretation but seduces – so liked the ‘dappled decency of the right/common man’ (which you could read at least two ways ); ‘words like honey from collapsed hives’ also a cracker. It makes me wonder which of these is the dream and which is the waking – and is there a difference (which is your point, I think).

    • many thanks Peter, comments much appreciated. yeah, the waking-dreaming fusion/interpenetration intended… BTW, in appreciation of your poetry and images, have added your blog to my blog roll.

  2. Though slumber is lovely, drifting in and out of the formless dream, History can’t wait for us to wake and get crackin.

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