Why your ego is like a fingernail

[Recent thoughts while driving home from a bushwalk. Took the photo of the window in the country town of Braidwood about five years ago. I think Einstein’s ‘reality’ certainly includes the ‘I’ as ego or personality or image, and all that self-image stuff that’s put on Fakebook, InstantGrammy etc…]

Why your ego is like a fingernail

You need to clip it now and again,
otherwise it will grow so much,
it will incapacitate you.

Then it grows back again.

It’s no big deal if you lose one,
it will regrow, more or less the same.

It’s tenacious: apparently
it even grows a bit after your brain
stops and your mind wings it.

It’s both part of you and not YOU.
To identify with it, quite strange.

A bit like the ocean
identifying with a wave.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on August 12, 2018.

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