Big History in six minutes

Not a bad scientistic summary of cosmic and planetary evolution in six minutes leaping over all that human culture, religion, gender and class struggle stuff that actually defines us and frames the way we see our evolution itself. Of course ends with homo sapiens heading out into the cosmos as the Earth is swallowed by the sun anyway in a mere five billion years…Meanwhile, back at the kitchen sink I’m washing up and listening to the John Butler trio…

Happy sweltering northern readers, and how are we going to rapidly reduce our energy consumption and switch to renewables I wonder, plan together for increasing levels of all kinds of shocks, water and food insecurity, more mass migrations, panic and authoritarian non-solutions that make things worse, how do we get our communities more cohesive, resilient, democratic…? Could be fun too, get us out of our shells…Hmmm..

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on August 7, 2018.

2 Responses to “Big History in six minutes”

  1. damn…cool…and yet sort of like a science fiction novel that glosses over all the human induced horror on earth…but then those clever humans go and save the species…and escape the inevitable…by a few billion years…
    (i’m so jaded these days…)

  2. Yep.

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