Beyond Recognition

[Older poem. Took the shot in Melbourne eight years ago.]

Beyond Recognition

first they took their commons
then their ozone layer
then they took their brains

but they couldn’t take
their natures
like you can’t take water

from the rock or sky
tigers from the jungle
without changing both

beyond recognition

now their natures roam
the malls restlessly
seeking recognition

the fungi, birds, mammals
of their imaginations
bored stiff and shitless

with goods, spouses, selves
catastrophes, when, they ask
will it all end

when, they ask, will
finally begin


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on July 22, 2018.

5 Responses to “Beyond Recognition”

  1. ooou…nice one!

  2. Merci, Kristi. Hope the heat’s not too bad up/down there in the belly of the beast this summer?

    • Hey…lots of fluctuation in the ky temps this summer, some crazy winds thru-out the state…but up here on the “ridge”, it’s been pretty dang nice…
      Sadly, only one more week of bliss and it’s back to the spectacle…

  3. A fine poem, Peter, about alienation in western man, and the gaping hole that’s where he should recognise his own soul…

    See you soon,


  4. Merci, camerade, et a bientot…

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