Chronicle of the Ongoing Ruins

[Collage poem of mine made only from found quotes, merely the subheadings in italics are mine. Just accepted for publication online at Plumwood Mountain, An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics. ‘Girt’ references a notorious line ‘girt by sea’ in Australia’s hopeless national anthem. Basho and Ikkyu are famous Japanese haiku poets. ‘Noumenon’ is Kant’s word for an object of awareness not produced by sensory experience, and the opposite of a ‘phenomenon’. ‘Intertext’, or rather ‘intertextuality’, was coined by Julia Kristeva in 1966 and denotes the interdependence of all literary texts since the invention of writing. Installation of Buddha and TV by Nam Jun Paik, 2005.]

Chronicle of the Ongoing Ruins

After Basho. I’m against
he replied

Inside Out. now kids have so many options
why would they ever go outside

Burnout. if we colonise other solar systems
we could survive longer than our sun
perhaps another 100 trillion years
when all stars begin burning out

Kant. she makes
the valid point
that it’s even harder
to become famous
for nothing

Girt. Australia abounds
with informed enthusiasts
who can replay
with commentary
the battles of Kapyong or Long Tan

Like. whenever she came over
she’d be like where are the cameras?
you guys are a reality show

Viral. was Sabrina Harman really smiling
over the dead body in Abu Ghraib
or was it a ‘just say cheese’ smile?

Good Riddance. what we conceive of
as ‘time’
might one day

Girt 2. Australia is a breeding ground
for bikini-ready DJs
of, um, indeterminate talent

Intertext. one can only wonder
if the entire caboodle
of our universe is not
the outburst of some
gigantic extra-cosmic
writerly imagination

Adorno. how can we possibly be expected
to keep track of all these people
& their exact position on the spectrum
from ‘real’ to ‘celebrity’

Noumenon. thousands of migratory birds
died after apparently mistaking
a car park & other areas
of southern Utah for water

Différence. it also enables the person to believe
they are making a difference
reversing global warming
saving the whales when
all they are doing is
eating a salad sandwich

Eclipse. where would Ray-Ban sunglasses
Kresta blinds Banana Boat &
the paintings of Claude Monet
be without sunlight

Outside In. now kids have so many options
why would they ever go outside

After Ikkyu. I’m against
he replied

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 5, 2018.

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