5 Responses to “Municipalism and Global Solidarity: Fearless Cities Conference Barcelona”

  1. seems like the most logical progression…”in, against and beyond” capitalism…

    • Thanks, Kristi. Great to hear from you again. Hope your house doesn’t need too much repairing, nor you too much from round 2 of chemo? Better than round 1 I hope? Peter

      • shoot…just finished round three…still ain’t no picnic, i can tell you that…but managing it better, thanx…in my lucid moments, i’ve been reading your amazing poems…they’re keeping my brain sharp!

  2. Hi Peter,
    thank you for translating my article about fearless cities in english language! I’ve set a link to it from my website https://elis.netz.coop/bereich/home/seite/veroeffentlichungen/#c951 and will give it to activists in Barcelona and in the solidarity cities movement.
    Greetings from Berlin

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