Infinite Wealth

[Poem I wrote seventeen years ago, in one of those moods we may all have now and again as the world burns. One of those rhyming, more accessible poems that could probably be put to music.]

Infinite Wealth

They say we’re all responsible
for screwin’ up the earth,
I s’pose that’s true
as far as it goes
if you keep your sense of mirth

coz some are drivin’ four litre cars
and some are walkin’ by foot
and some are eatin’ caviar
while many can’t get chook

some can fly to Bali
just for a holiday
and some can’t even get a roof
over their heads
coz they can’t afford to pay

and some make the investment decisions
and some just carry them out
and some create useful divisions
and some have all the clout

to destroy millions of lives
with a move of their mouse
to decide to sell derivatives
and empty the family house

to decide to build dune buggies
coz ya can’t make bucks outa the poor
ya gotta feed the greed
not what people need
and you’re trapped in a revolving door

the door’s called the market
a very free system we’re told
it’s even got an invisible hand
that gives more to the rich
and leaves the poor out in the cold

but the market’s even solving that problem
by heating up the earth
so rich and poor can now both fry
as history screams in birth

of a wider human spirit
that sees the other as self
that dissolves all fearful boundaries
and shares, protects, loves, enjoys
the planet’s infinite wealth


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on April 23, 2017.

4 Responses to “Infinite Wealth”

  1. Nice choice of words..

  2. 17 years ago…and are we any closer to seeing the other as self….?
    that photo of the biker is wild…

    • Maybe inching our way there? Always the ambiguities in everything…Beyond hope/despair? There seem to be evolutionary accelerations happening in consciousness and at the same time current backward spirallings and regressions and pre-modern/modern/post-modern dysynchronicities in consciousness that might end badly too…And always that sense of urgency as ecocide picks up pace…

      Remember how as a young teacher in high school taught about the greenhouse effect forty years ago…

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