The Kiss

[Poem I wrote 2012. George Street is Sydney CBD’s main street. The painting The Kiss is by Magritte, 1928. My surreal and imaginary kiss happens to be between two men.]

The Kiss

A thin man stumbling
out of a pub door falling
onto a homeless man

behind his cardboard story
reaching for a pigeon
grey as George Street

it’s popped from like a
thought or puddle.
They lie a moment,

entwined like destinies,
superimposed pancakes,
then kiss like Judas,

a mother her child
the first day at kindy,
lovers weary of love.

For three seconds
the sun breaks through
the invisible net of flight

paths & five phones send
the scene to all the world’s
far-flung yurts & Vaticans.

Will some director
now shout Cut? Will
greasepaint be removed?

Have we been witness
to a revelation revealing
nothing but itself

a dream reborn
from our forgetting
opening on another life?


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 7, 2017.

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