The Four Ages 4 – Earth Time


[Last poem of The Four Ages suite, on old age (earth, winter). Photo a simulation of filaments of galaxies and voids.]


Earth Time

But I do not talk of the beginning or the end.
There was never any more inception than there is now
Nor any more heaven or hell than there is now.
– Walt Whitman, ‘Song of Myself’

Things are starting to sag.
I forget things that don’t matter –
pin numbers, names, manners.

The body hardens, loosens, begins to creak.
There’s clay in the stomach
and below is getting fishier.
It’s all starting to slide south.

I like small children
unless they’re neurotic.
I notice now the soothing power
around plants and trees,
the constant communication of cats.

I read the souls in people’s faces
like subtle palimpsests in old books.
Their bodies tell me sad stories.
I dislike mirrors, convoluted conversations.

Sometimes young ones come
to escape the adults and steal
puzzled glances at my eyes
burning out from crocodile flesh.

I know less and less.
There’s a frost on the soil
drawing down star force
into sleeping seeds. Sometimes,

there’s grace, and suddenly
a beautiful silence shimmers
like clear water
in which simple things breathe
and sway like seaweed
answering to some deeper current.

The glasses slide down the nose.
The spoon slips back into the soup.

Growing deafer, I’m now, at times,
surprised to hear, faintly,
the Source keening me home –
cold wires in the wind.

It is my last chance.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on October 3, 2016.

5 Responses to “The Four Ages 4 – Earth Time”

  1. Damn Peter…these were wonderful…thoughtful, poignant….particularly since I feel the same about it being my last chance…
    Hoping I don’t botch it…

    • Many thanks, Kristi, always so very pleasing when there is some resonance among ourselves… (As for the ‘last chance’… maybe we procrastinate so much with realizing our enlightenment also because at some level we ‘know’ there’s no hurry, know we’re immortal and have all the eternal ‘time’ in the universe, and nothing need be ‘done’ anyway…)

  2. that’s a very logical way of looking at it…
    been tackling spinoza lately…substance, attributes, infinity….
    amazing the similarities to the christian science church i was brought up in…not to mention the buddhist similarities…
    i really like the god/nature connection…supported thru the mathematical model…very interesting concepts to contemplate…
    balancing it all in a superficial/materialistic world is the challenge of course…

    • wow, Spinoza, heavy duty stuff, good on ya Kristi. A courageous, remarkable man in his own right too. Me, still working on the never-ending Big History chronology thingo from Big Bang to our present predicament/opportunity as a species, attempt at a ‘rational myth’ for our post-modern times, science, history, poetry…whew… Hope that big mother/father of a tornado passes you by…

  3. you mentioned spinoza while i was up in the ky hills this past summer…started researching him and still at it…challenging to say the least…but enuf ‘aha’ moments to keep me at it…
    hope you post more big history excerpts…i could use some rational myths to connect and explain all the crazy shit going on in the world…focusing on those possible opportunities balances out my tendency to dwell on the overwhelmingly negative aspects our species has created…
    and yep…that’s a big system out there…fortunately, for us anyway, the latest predictions put it just north of us…if we stay lucky, the winds will prune the trees and get the place ready for the next big blow !

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