Animal Anarchists of the Atomic Age. Two Parables


[Two more poetic parables. This one two recent found poems re-arranged into sonnet form from: ‘April 1949’, in Sydney Morning Herald 4/4/2016, p.28 and 1/5/2016, p. 26.]

Animal Anarchists of the Atomic Age. Two Parables


Atomic Pig No. 311

of the Bikini atom bomb test
has returned to private life
healthy, happy but sterile,
possibly the result of gamma rays.

On Bikini Day she was locked
in a washroom on former
Japanese cruiser Sakawa
which was near the burst point

of the first bomb, and sank.
It is assumed there would be
no survivors, the Navy said.
Later, 311 was found swimming

in radioactive waters.


Atomic Weasel

The world’s largest
atom smasher
the Large Hadron

had to suspend
because a weasel

a 66-kilovolt transformer
& set off
an electrical outage.
Spokesman Arnaud

Marsollier said the weasel
did not survive & little remains of it.

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on June 5, 2016.

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