death-of-conversation on train Babycakes Romero

[Poem from 2015. Photo by Babycakes Romero from a sad photo series of people using phones while ‘together’ which he entitled ‘The Death of Conversation’. The poem is not about the actual people on the photo of course.]


she is
at him

he is
out the window

he is scanning the city savannah
alert to movements, shifts
in the field, shadows congealing
into predator or prey

he is

she is

she adores him
she is sensitive to his every
movement, facial twitch,
clearing of throat

his boredom sits over her
like a cloud leaden
with lightning

he sits wide-legged
tends to smoke
flick his phone

she tends to fidget
push back her hair
stroke her phone

under his indifference:
a need to control
a need never to show
his need to be loved

under her suffering:
resentment at
her need to be loved

he has got her
by the soul’s sweet

she has got him
by the balls
he feigns

they smile
into their


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 14, 2016.

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