Early Morning Notes from a Permaculture Workshop

eat more sausages

[A sonnet in the Petrarchan/Italian form, the first version of which I wrote 23 years ago. The poster image is from the old Soviet Union and apparently advocates eating more sausages. Bon appetit. ]

Early Morning Notes from a Permaculture Workshop

A patch of bracken breathing,
ten minutes, over the morning pasture,
cold seeping into kidneys before dawn
and after an explosion of birdsong
echoing in the skull’s dream spaces
it’s shitting in the ecotone contemplating
rainforest vine, lantana: is the soil
B-horizon thankful for my efforts?

Whose efforts? Collective efforts,
comrades, thanks to the kitchen
magicians Maria, Ros and Sue
zealously guarding their cauldrons
like Macbeth’s witches cooking up
no prophecy more dire than gastro.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 6, 2016.

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