Slow god seascape


[The ephemeral rock painting was done by sea snails, the photo and poem by what I usually call ‘me’.]

Slow god seascape

in the sky a thumbprint of cirrus
on blue mirror glass offset
with wispy combs and feathers

the surging ocean membrane
all chopped egg-white
effervescence, a wet Dharma
or spitting image
of a topological brain scan
while reading a poem

silhouetted Norfolk pines
on a back-lit ridge,
all the same, all different,
stand sentinel in the salt air
ebbing and booming
with wave-speak, sonority
of invisible depth
always on the verge
of breaking through
the mind’s fine veils
in some revelation
of what you don’t know
you know

see the rock pools full
of glistening green necklaces
swaying under breathing
ripples of liquid glass clear
as a child’s unquestioning
eye as the black rocks flow
down to the sea in curved,
pocked patterns silent
as volcanic explosions
for ever frozen in some
slow god’s meditating mind


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on April 12, 2016.

10 Responses to “Slow god seascape”

  1. lovely poem

  2. Superbly written

  3. simply wonderful peter….
    and humans ain’t got nothin’ on that snail art !

    • Muchas gracias, Kristi. Yep, reckon someone should enter these snails into an art show, with constantly changing ephemeral art…Has been done with fungi, bacteria, why not snails? Maybe one for your kids classes too?

  4. oh i try to expose my kids to the myriad ways art can be expressed…from the classical to radical imagination…a few seeds might sprout…but i’ve got serious competition from disney and anime…tv babies…
    mostly, they just think i’m old fashioned !

  5. What an amazing photo, Peter, to introduce a very satisfying poem. Your images are fresh, vibrant and real, expressing in a delightful way the mystery and beauty of the natural world. Sound-wise, I very much like the rhyme of sky and eye in the last stanza (Intentional?) which seems just right. A minor quibble: on second reading I noticed the repetition of “membrane”.

    La flûte continue,


    • Merci beaucoup, camerade. Much appreciated, as always. Yep, the sky-eye rhyme was intentional (and what’s sound-linked partakes of semantic association or linkage a bit too perhaps: ‘that eye, the sky’, was that Tim Winton?). Re repeating ‘membrane’: dunno if it works, but also intentional, setting up parallel/identification/resonance between ocean and mind (as already in the simile ocean/brainscan); for similar reason ‘mind’ is also repeated to set up parallel/identification/resonance between personal ‘membrane mind’ and the slow god’s ‘meditating mind’, so in toto we hopefully get this ocean-mind-meditating-god nexus. Oui, may the flute continue indeed. P.

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