twenty animals you must see in the wild before you die and they disappear

situ 68

[Found poem, with all words taken from: C. Tansley, ‘Seduced by Trump tower’, Sydney Morning Herald Traveller on Sunday, 28/2/2016, p. 10. I also took the title from another article in the same Traveller on Sunday section. The image is a famous situationist one from Paris May 1968.]

Twenty animals you must see in the wild before you die and they disappear

but I’m as warm as toast freshly popped
here beside my faux roaring log fireplace
I have a hardback copy of a book entitled Luxury Toys
open to the Wally Wallpower 118 –
the world’s fastest motor yacht whose top speed
is a stomach-churning 120 km/h – and my
television which takes up half of the wall
of my enormous suite is suggesting

from here near the top of the city’s most imposing tower,
it’s me who rules Chicago like Capone once did
as the planet’s most-talked-about politician
blows his proverbial trumpet right across the US
I’m checking into the fanciest suite of one of his
most celebrated hotels to see if he builds hotels
better than he builds strategic alliances
with Muslims and Mexicans

I could do without the Trump facial soap bars
and the Trump body lotion in my king-of-the-world-sized
bathroom Trump it appears suffers from the same
affliction as high-school students who need to see
their name scrawled across every one of their

but there is a bottle of Laurent Perrier champagne
on ice waiting for me in my suite I’m surrounded
immediately upon sitting under a three-tiered
chandelier by staff in white dinner suits pouring
French wine, popping champagne corks and
presenting caviar, lobster cakes, truffles, rare beef
and other treats gathered from all corners of the
sprawling Trump

after the feast I sleep in a bed that’s wider
than it is long important for power CEOs
who like to mix things up by sleeping
cross-wise to keep their edge in the morning
I press the button to my automatic curtains
and open up the white world I control below me
in slippers embossed with T-R-U-M-P I pace
the length of my suite surveying the minions
below and think about the man who created
everything around me God help us
if he becomes president but the bloke
sure knows how to make excess
feel like it fits you like a glove even if only for a


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 2, 2016.

5 Responses to “twenty animals you must see in the wild before you die and they disappear”

  1. thinkin’ you nailed it peter…
    pretty bizarre shit going on here in the good’ol usa…
    no time to consider climate change and disappearing species, that’s for sure!

    • Thanks Kristi. Wondering whether we’ll be seeing authoritarian, delerious, confusedly pissed-off masses acclaiming reality-TV buffoon fascism (an interesting new form of the advanced Spectacle) or else ‘progressive’ masses acclaiming another version of femocrat imperialism (of course the usual ‘lesser evil’)?

  2. such exceptional entertainment as we mosey along the path of deception!

  3. We are about to find out how desperately people will cling to an illusion. I suspect it will be mama grizzly fierce. We now know it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism. And this love for the proto-fascist aesthetic ( check out Megan Kelly, the Fox News host of debate tonight) must have its root in bottle feeding babies. Or at least that’s my pop-psychology-based-on-nothing tip for today.

    In many ways Trump speaks the truth, like today, he said “Mitt Romney walks like a penguin.” And its true! And for a lot of “undecided” voters, or “independent” voters, that will resonate.

    • Hi Dave, you’ll have to fill us non-Americans in on: “this love for the proto-fascist aesthetic (check out Megan Kelly…) must have its roots in bottle-feeding babies”. (I do think perinatal maternal non-validation, not just bottle-feeding, may have a lot to answer for in terms of mass narcissism, mass disturbed attachment, mass psychic hunger, the consumerist market personality etc). The parallels to ancient Rome/civilisational decline seem to be increasing as well. The hopeful new Caesar is so insecure and narcissistic that he needs to emphasize his penis is bigger than his rivals’. And large sections of the masses, waving their standardised placards (including at Sanders’ rallies), lap it up like it’s reality TV, enjoy being part of the reality TV of ‘politics’…Ancient Rome as reality TV. The Spectacle in an advanced form of postmodern pastiche and hyper-alienation…Maybe Capital, a bit worried at the potential turbulence, will have Trump bumped off to complete the great US Spectacle tradition, great TV, we need another grassy knoll or Jack Ruby fall-guy…

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