Winter Waves


[Poem from an Australian winter 2014. The summer reference is referencing the downing of the airliner over the Ukraine.]

Winter Waves

Winter winds, been blowing
for weeks, in from the west
like wild waves of knives.

Still it’s been warm as, no
rain for weeks, the sheep
more closely nosing bare-

skinned fields moon-pitted
by rabbits. Some memento
virus has taken up rental

in your lung room having
couch-surfed your son’s.
El Ninjo summer back-

casts infernos into dreams,
but for now still silence
& shock at the sun’s silence

on polished floorboards
a fulminate emptiness,
the pump in the ceiling

faintly humming wood
warmth through pipes
of wall-water. The world

as ever full of mourning,
burnt bodies suddenly
falling from summer sky

with teddy bears into
a field of smiling sun-
flowers, dead children

in rabid rubble, freed
by men with stetho-
scopes, men with guns.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on February 27, 2016.

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