No One’s Dark House


[Poem from this morning, perhaps fits in with recent posts…Limits of words, negation, paradox…Took the shot of the Einstein quote from a shop window in the country town of Braidwood, NSW.]

No One’s Dark House

no one leaves
no one enters

no one questions
no one answers

no one passes by
no one asks why

no one dies there
no one is born

no one remembers
no one is torn

no one speaks
no one hears

no one hates
no one fears

no one looks out
no one looks in

no one can lose
no one can win

no one enjoys
no one can suffer

no one is someone
no one is other

no one is someone
no one is other

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on January 24, 2016.

One Response to “No One’s Dark House”

  1. i’d say it definitely fits in with your recent posts…
    just wish i could figure out how to balance my perception of reality with what might be occasional connections with the void…
    guess i’m still at the “letting go that doesn’t mean a leaving” stage…
    i can’t get passed an old nagging feeling there’s a kind of a denial going on by letting go…remnants of my early christian science upbringing i would imagine…

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