Guide to a Lonely Planet (found poem)


[Found this the other day in my newspaper. Yuppie cartoon by Polyp.]

Guide to a Lonely Planet (found poem)

The question was:

‘Climate change will affect our view of the world.
Where do you want to go
before it’s too late?’

L.Simmons writes: The Barrier Reef.
From all reports it’s dying a slow death.

J.Bowman: I want to go to Iceland
while there is still more ice than land.

The Taj Mahal, according to K.Johnstone.
The white marble is yellowing
from the effects of atmospheric pollution
and I’d love to see it in its pristine state.

B.Pollard: Polar bears in northern Canada.
It’s just devastating that these
wonderful animals might disappear.

D.Evanson writes: The Maldives
are said to be the world’s lowest-lying
islands and I hate the thought
they might get swallowed up
by rising seas.

Next question: Just travelled
premium economy to Singapore
and I’m a convert. Ever done
a premium economy flight,
and was it worth the extra cost?

The best
will win
a Lonely

[SMH Traveller on Sunday 6/12/2015]


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on January 6, 2016.

4 Responses to “Guide to a Lonely Planet (found poem)”

  1. Doesn’t virtual reality solve the problem? With the right algorithm you can even interact with the fish in the reef. Of course you lose the prestige factor of filling your bucket list… by the way, James and I are once again inter-acting with Michael Albert in one of his on-line courses about Parecon. And I am jammering away on a new blog :
    Saving the planet one blog at a time.

  2. Thanks Peter. Someday I’ll learn how to condense it all into a poem!

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