Planet Dirt: The Excremental Vision


[Poem about the cosmic importance of shit, which I’ve only come to really appreciate since I had bowel cancer. The image is of cosmic dust.]

Planet Dirt: The Excremental Vision

If anyone could make shit sing
it was charming asshole Charlie Bukowski,
dirty old man of letters, postal, French
& otherwise, coz he lived in it
clutching a can or clit

Ed Sanders & Tuli Kupferberg too,
of Fugs fame in the mad pre-punk 60s
bashing their two chords, drum
& off-key throats into If I had a nickel,
If I had a dime I’d pull down
my pants & shit all the time,
Baby ah ah, baby ah ah

while savage Dean Swift shit himself
in horror vacui that his sweet angel
Celia should deign to shit: bad theology
since we know Luther heard God’s
prophetic thunder through his own
perched over the outhouse latrine

& Zen master Ikkuyu saw Buddha
in a shit stick, knew nirvana’s samsara
as all bright galaxies revolve
their light-year wheels round
a black anus hub empty as
the big nothing universe
& the sheer compassionate hunger
of bugs, beetles, flies
keeps our median show going
here on planet wonder, planet dirt.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on January 1, 2016.

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