We’re all going on a summer holiday


[Recent poem. Northern winter, southern hemisphere summer. ‘Hills Hoists’ are a traditional Australian outdoor clothes dryer found in most backyards. Shot I took of a swimmer at Gerringong pool.]

We’re all going on a summer holiday

She flew in from a land of ice
to one of fire, from swans stuck
in ponds, people stuck in cars
in frozen autobahn queues
a hundred ks down the road
to billy-o to burning Hills Hoists,
smouldering possums running
for cover onto smoke-filled
freeways mad with lights.

To do this she had had to buy
a ticket for a magic machine
containing the odd, bearded,
gently smiling man with a fruit
knife in his pocket, a cap
of gelignite in his shoe.

If she’d died, she said,
she’d never have forgiven
herself. Because of the kids.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 19, 2015.

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