Rhapsody on the Upholding One


[Poem I wrote 15 years ago while exploring personal baggage and the early infancy period. The epigram by Spanish poet Jimenez translates as “I am not I”. The photo is of a friend’s baby, Oscar.]

Rhapsody on the Upholding One

Yo no soy yo – Juan Ramon Jimenez

This is the one I am not.
This one behind, beside me.
This one looking on.
This one radiant
to find the soft dark look
in your mother’s eye.

This core, this rock,
this root that grounds
the stem of self
which well-embedded
futures out
into a thousand
shimmering leaves
breathing sun & storm.

This first idea of Good.

The way you held me
there in Wigram Road,
took me to bed for a week,
stroked soul back to body
far fled in terror
from mother lost in white
isolation black with light,
fleshless the tile, metal
cold as psychosis,
overworked nurses
who couldn’t get near me
for the screams.

This quiet upholding
this round cradling,
like lying on your back
perhaps on a lake,
your eye the sky
balanced softly
on breathing water.

Subtle, humble, unseen
& flowing where it must
to minister life, wash
away despair, attending,
unrecognised, always
there. The living grid
& matrix of us all.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on June 29, 2015.

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