My new blog: Passing on the Flame


Just a plug for my new blog Passing on the Flame. It is meant as an archive for my translations from the German, both poetry and prose. I hope you might go and have a peak sometime.It’s clickable on the Blogroll and here

So far I have posted three translations: anarcho-syndicalist (and Chomsky influence) Rudolf Rocker’s Absolutist Ideas in Socialism (1950), eleven poems by great late eighteenth/early nineteenth century poet Friedrich Hoelderlin and twenty three Mystic Epigrams by Angelus Silesius (1657).

I’ve tried to outline the basic motivation behind the site in the About homepage as follows:

‘As far as I have been able to make out, English translations of such texts are either non-existent, hard to come by or often inadequately translated. In my view all the texts on this blog have something important to say, a certain flame to pass on, a flame, hopefully, to be warmed, burned, inspired, moved by, as I have been.

All I’m trying to do in a small way here is to be just one more minor transmitter or relay point of this flame that has moved through European history, often at the margins of or against the mainstream current of culture and society and often grounded in the subversive conviction that, in the contemporary phrase, ‘another world is possible.’

With the works in this archive I hope to introduce English speakers to some of the richness and depth of this alternative and/or poetic current in German. No wider, richer present and future, no ‘bread and roses for all’, without the work of cultural memory.’

(Took the photo above in Sydney last year)


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on June 17, 2015.

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