Love Poem

Bosch, lovers from Garden of Earthly Delights

[An old poem, written in the 1970s, from the youth/summer/fire section of my latest book Cut a Long Story Short. WordPress won’t let me use the original, less neatly aligned lineation, but so be it…Enjoy.]

Love Poem

blue night depthless crevice
sway bright lights
move the waters
feeling clouds miles above
effortless movement

fish woman’s world prophecy
in that misty garden
cloistered in your breath

for the rock is my brother
all manner of beings
my brethren

ji ji mu ge, thing-thing-
no-barrier, soundless
like the falling hawk
become one with the air

world world world
whirl whorl womb-wife

the warp & the woof of it
the smell & the sense of it
the leap & the love of it

cradled ah within my breast


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 10, 2015.

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