[Poem of mine published in current edition of Australian Poetry Journal 4.2. A ‘roo’ is a kangaroo, ‘Insight’ is an audience talk show on local SBS TV. The last four lines reference the fact that the hare was often associated with the Mood Goddess, with lust, fecundity and mania. Rabbit populations are again exploding here in our region and in many areas of Australia with consequent serious ecological ramifications. Historical photo of rabbit skins in northern New South Wales.]


It’s chilling up to a three-dog frost
as the full moon’s sheen stretches
its cold milk glove over our north slope
defined by tense wire & tree shadows
that loom more felt than there.

My head lamp throws out nothing
but a blob of mousey grey, so we follow
Steve’s efficient head & twenty two
combing winter’s lawn like stalag two.

Suddenly it’s the exiled old man roo
at six feet near the manna gum
by the upper dam wall, sad eyes glum
& turning to the intruding light
like an euthanasia advocate on Insight,
slowly lopes off into the night.

Scurrying or sitting like dead ducks,
rabbits dot the white-out fields, as
Steve picks them off on high-beam.
It’s four each for the casserole’s steam
after a gut & good night’s hanging.

Two are does, four embryos each
like shiny dark planets in drag making
the dog a treat. The fur soft as
forgiveness, heads cute as long-eared
babies or Disney, what can we say
but sorry as we tuck into their bodies
tuned to the moon’s dark tides
of lust, fecundity, mania,
hare-brained triple goddess
of these continent-killing rats?


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 11, 2015.

3 Responses to “Nocturne”

  1. beautiful peter…in kentucky, it’s the deer…
    disney verses reality…a major problem for the planet…
    maybe for the planet/gaia…its humans…

    • Thanks Kristi, yep ecology of invasions, disturbance ecology is the new eco-paradigm, not all bad news, but a rough ecological ride happening, could be a likely decimated and simplified present and future of ecological opportunists/generalists (like us), rat-rabbit-deer-cockroach-ant-virus etc. ecologies and an acidified ocean choking on jellyfish…too hard for most to face, mankind cannot bear much reality methinks, easier to ignore and believe in tech fixes and leaders…But a rose is a rose is a rose, the silence stays at the centre of the turmoil… Take care

  2. i keep thinking Atwood’s Oryx and Crake is looking less like sci-fi and more like our future…

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