Dark Aphorisms


[The first one hit me this morning on waking, the rest followed after I wrote that one down. Nice read perhaps for northern hemisphere readers now at the low point of the year, keeping warm in their cocoons…Own photo, light on water, which has always fascinated me…as it did two of my favorite film directors, Satiyat Ray and Andrei Tarkovsky.]

Dark Aphorisms

All good people contain – indeed must contain – a spark of dark, all evil people a splinter of light. If not, they become inhuman, cardboard caricatures of angels and demons. They become dangerous, or, worse, boring.

Iago is more interesting than Othello, Mephistopheles than Faust, the Trickster than the Dalai Lama or Mother Theresa. We humans love the twisted and wide, are quickly bored by the straight and narrow.

To embrace one’s own dark is not to identify with it. To identify with it is to deny one’s goodness. To deny one’s goodness is as predictable and boring as the opposite.

The Trickster creates culture, innovation, change. And their destruction. A bit like capitalism. Thus the anarchist quandary: How can we eliminate capitalism without losing the Trickster?

When the first humans left Africa, they were following the Trickster’s footsteps in the sands. Now his footsteps are leading us back to that little one world we had, but on a planetary scale.

The Trickster’s shimmering, Luciferian light leads us forward with its spark of dark.

Look in my eye, said the spider to the fly. Hello Shadow, my old friend, it’s good to talk to you again, said the fly. And saw the universe open up like a black hole pregnant with potential. So this is what ‘dying’ is, it thought, just before no-thought.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on January 9, 2015.

8 Responses to “Dark Aphorisms”

  1. Oh god damn I love this one. Beautiful!

  2. deep Peter, very deep. Four million years later we follow ghosts, illusions, nothing much. Existential position.

  3. As a fishing guide I am obviously addicted to light on water. I think of our task as necessary/impossible but never boring.

    • Hope you wear those sunnies throughout your light addiction, Dave. I didn’t for a long time, now got the beginnings of macular degeneration…

  4. you put these timeless archetypes so eloquently peter…i’m always left pondering the connections your writings bring up for me…
    my hopes for humanity, primarily thru the lens of the youth i work with daily, wax and wane…i see their lust for the twisted, the materialistic, barely balanced by their understanding of the natural world and humanitys’ precarious position within it…i think they project a facade of bravado and callousness to compensate for their perceived lack of power to do anything about it…>heavy sighanother heavy sigh<….

    • Thanks Kristi. I had an (the only one really) important teacher in high school, English, bit of an alkie, imperfect, a fairly strict Trickster. Turned me onto the path of literature/poetry/writing. Primarily by way of him simply being himself, authentic, un-phony, taboo-less. All one can ask of a teacher, or anybody I guess. Not so much what we say as what we are, or try to be. Wax with hope, wane with despair, like the moon or tides…and the still point beyond the tides, beyond hope/despair-fear-anger, the still point of the turning world, maybe just under the navel, breathing…

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