Conspectus for a Global Transformation Dialogue Website

oxfam- 85 richest own as much as 3.5 billion poorest

[Happy New Year, folks. Here’s an idea. Some folks I’m involved with are in the process of discussing something similar. Will keep you posted if anything comes of it.]

Conspectus for a Global Transformation Dialogue Website


To find, through dialogue, common ground and narrative among activists and concerned individuals regarding changing the system in order to save the planet and humanity by creating a global democracy and self-managed, fair-and-sharing economy within the ecological limits of the biosphere

PREMISES (Why do we need global transformation?)

• We are heading towards total climate and ecological collapse and this would mean the collapse of global civilization and the beginning of a dark age in human evolution

• Our global economic system, its dependence on fossil fuels and its lack of social justice and true democracy, is the main cause of this threat

• We need ‘system change, not climate change’: we need to gain democratic control of the global economic and political system so that ‘another world is possible’

• To do this we need to come together globally in order to create a true democracy, a participatory democracy, where the people themselves rule and decide on the material and political conditions of a good life for all on an ecologically sustainable basis

• To come together globally we need to start with all those already active democratic grassroots movements fighting and/or building alternatives on many fronts

• To come together as a Global Movement of Movements and Network of Networks, these movements need to support each other across national boundaries, share ideas and, most importantly, begin to develop a strong, coherent and inspiring narrative focussed on what needs to be done to transform the system and save the planet and humanity

• This coming together needs to happen urgently to better cope with the effects of already dangerous climate change, avoid a rise in global temperature above 2 degrees Celsius, bring CO2 levels back down to 350 ppm, and thus avoid the increasing possibility of runaway climate chaos

• We are a broad spectrum of grassroots movements: we should both celebrate our diversity and work towards finding common focus and narrative in our dialogue, mutual aid and supportive direct actions to transform the system and realise the people power of participatory democracy

VALUES (Implied by the above Premises)

• Ecological sustainability as the key material condition for all viable social institutions
• Ecological stewardship and regeneration as key global tasks
• Elimination of fossil fuels, nuclear power and WMDs as unsustainable threats
• Democratic discussion and control of technology and innovation
• Climate justice (transition support for workers, reparations from rich to poor)
• The need for a ‘fair earth share’ for all (sustainable resource consumption)
• Food and energy sovereignty as the basis of democratic self-determination
• Public ownership of the global commons (biological and cultural)
• A fair redistribution of wealth nationally and internationally
• Democracy as direct or participatory democracy at all levels, including the economy
• Devolution of power, decentralisation/re-localisation of economies
• Internationalism, transnational and –ethnic solidarity and mutual aid
• Anti-racism, anti-fascism, anti-imperialism, anti-militarism, anti-police state
• Non-violent direct action and civil disobedience (congruence of means and ends)
• Individual freedom and human rights, ‘bread and roses’ for all
• Feminism and sexual equality

THE SPECTRUM (Of global activist movements here addressed)

From the anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist left (no parties), egalitarian communes, indigenous activists, alternative media and think tanks, feminists and queer activists via ‘centre’ of workers and consumer cooperatives, free internet and P2P activists, transitioners and re-localisers, climate justice activists and environmental ‘blockadians’, to social democratic ‘right’ of Green New Dealers, ‘blue-green’ unionists and anti-austerity activists (no parties). Involve artists, poets and musicians from the start.


Where possible find grassroots activist networks already in existence on each continent (possibly via websites, alternative media and think tanks). Find their ‘keystone’ people. Develop a prototype website, then contact them with this global-website-for-dialogue idea. Let it evolve from there. (If it gets up, get statements of support from well-known activists and thinkers).

~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on January 5, 2015.

5 Responses to “Conspectus for a Global Transformation Dialogue Website”

  1. Reblogged this on nickweechblog's Blog and commented:
    I think this is certainly possible and surely something must be done soon

  2. great summation Peter. Can surely happen if we let it by working sensibly and sustainably together to share the world before its utterly ruined.

  3. Appreciate your effort Peter. As I stated on the IOPS blog, my experience with internet “dialogue” has been mixed at best but perhaps you can facilitate in such a way to break those barriers. Something has to give way and the eco-focus is a necessary ingredient. Anyway, I will introduce my cohorts when you get things up and running.

    • Merci, Dave. Mine are ‘mixed at best’ too. BTW ain’t me that’s getting things ‘up and running’ but a dedicated friendly bunch of (ex- or interim) IOPSers who know about website, in stark contrast to me… Mais, nous sommes Charlie, aussi.

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