New Poetry Book

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Hi folks,

beware, this is a straightforward plug. For my new collection of poems called Cut a Long Story Short, published by Puncher & Wattmann. An anti-memoir memoir or life narrative in four life stages, within the constant context of history from world war two, Vietnam, popular culture to the current wars and ecocide. Launched early this month in Sydney, with a great, funny, pithy launch speech by poet Brook Emery (thanks again Brook!). I’ve published four or so of the poems from the book at this blog as a taster. So, folks,

if you like some or any of them
if you like poetry
if you write poetry yourself
if you enjoy puzzling out connections between poems, stanzas, sections, motifs, images, references…
if you like the feel and quality of real books
if you want to forge new synaptic links in your plastic but habit-deadened brain
if you want to get away from screen distraction and concentrate on words for a while
if you want to laugh, feel sad, smile in recognition, feel a little wider perhaps
if you want to make a poet a little happier
if you want to support a struggling, small, independent publisher of quality contemporary poetry
if you want to buy a last minute Xmas gift for a friend or enemy who loves/hates/is indifferent to poetry
if …. (fill in yourself)

then, the easiest way to buy the book is to go to the Puncher & Wattmann website, clickable in the Blogroll/Links list on the right of this blog, click on the book cover of Cut a Long Story Short shown above and buy it. It costs a mere $ 25 (AUD), 160 pages of poetry for the cost of a decent meal in a restaurant these days…Bon appetit, bon appetito, Mahlzeit, tuck in!

[From some of the book’s blurbs:

“Buckle your seat belts, hold on to your hats, Cut a Long Story Short is a helter-skelter autobiography that careens through history and culture with all sorts of poetry clinging to the running boards. Allusive, angry, iconoclastic, cynical, funny and tender, it is, above all, exciting.” (Brook Emery)

“What a trip! The trajectory of life-long flight, from the first slap to intimations of the last breath. […] This is dazzling work, cool and fierce and resolute.” (Jennifer Compton)

” […] It’s a mash-up of realities in the 20th and 21st centuries that ropes in The Wasteland , Rilke and Whitman, language as bridge & barrier, MacGyver, frisbees and A4 batteries. A salutary read.” (Carol Jenkins)

“A startling interweaving of family biography and a social and political overview of the twentieth century, rich in reference and striking detail, adventurous in its structures, deeply moral in intent. I came away from this powerful narrative both shaken and enlightened. ” (Ron Pretty)]

And wishing all readers of this blog a very cosy, inebriated and generally smashing summer/winter solstice too.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 20, 2014.

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