[Another poem from the third section of my new collection Cut a Long Story Short (Puncher & Wattmann), to be launched this Saturday in Sydney, 1 pm at the Alexandria Town Hall. The book can be purchased online at Puncher & Wattmann ($25): http://puncherandwattmann.com/books/book/cut-a-long-story-short
The photo is a collage superimposition of images of a beach near Bawley Point on the NSW south coast.]


now among the star-swept wastes
slow glaciers of humming neurones
maelstrom depths of self-preening thought
sandwiched in membranes that tremble
between the cracks of fear & nought

how relock in pre-dawn’s cold embrace
mind doors opening on waves
of layered horizons, each a receding scroll
over the emerging next, no sense
of centre yielding contour or control

past marble monuments raping time
long empty streets filled with dust
a cuckoo sitting on a nest of shrouded grime
a dull orange through a curtained window
a pole poking through cardboard clouds

a dynamic sense of things congealed
just out of reach, glassy, sealed
reflecting many eyes blind with hosts
of stories untold, ancestral ghosts
floating within the innermost


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on December 1, 2014.

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