The more I had, the less I was (Or Why I Joined the Movement)

icrime baby

[About twenty one years ago I read a version of this poem at a protest meeting of high school students in the Bowral Memorial Hall against a proposed mega-dump for Sydney’s waste in our area.]

The More I Had, The Less I Was
(Or: Why I Joined The Movement)

I wanted the breast
They gave me the bottle

I wanted a mother
They gave me a child care centre

I wanted food
They gave me a Big Mac

I wanted to express myself
They gave me a colouring-in book

I wanted love
They gave me pocket money

I wanted understanding
They gave me 12 years of listening to teachers

I wanted excitement
They gave me an amusement centre

I wanted friends
They gave me competitors

I wanted fun
They gave me a video game

I wanted to be touched
They gave me porno

I wanted to glory in the delights of all my goddam God-given senses
They gave me TV and a smartphone

I wanted freedom
They gave me a car

I wanted to be accepted
They gave me brands and designer clothes

I wanted self-empowerment
They gave me the vote

I wanted vision
They gave me politicians

I wanted a sense of collective meaning
They gave me Neighbours and nationalism

I wanted meaningful work
They gave me the dole or a boring job

I wanted One World
They gave me war and flag-waving sheep

I wanted to help save the planet
They gave me animal-friendly nail varnish, recycled toilet paper and The Greens

I wanted a future
They gave me capitalism and ecocide


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on August 19, 2014.

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