the manifestist manifesto


[Older poem combining my love of poetry with my love of manifestos. Photo near the great little Collected Works poetry bookshop, Swanson Street Melbourne.]

the manifestist manifesto

time to manifesto some more off your chest the walrus said


do the our clique is cooler than your clique cha cha

coz if humanity is warming to a new set of crossroads, why not rub the Herm there

we’ll be needing all the trickster traveller trader luck we can get

the small problem with survival or chaos is that they’re both unpoetic

the poetry of total mystical interdependence now bleedingly obvious to pre-schoolers

so why aren’t the walls halls malls full of meme-blowing subversive texts I ask

why is poetry still locked up in the tomb of the nortonbluedogjacketanthology

like you I don’t want answers so much as good questions so I don’t vote either

is verse the open parallel multi-uni-verse of synaptic petaflop

or the big bang of a blue moon dragonfly opening sun-diamond wings to cosmic wind

Descartes riding a reptile when he’s not a mammal

or say an umbrella over an estuary of singing sewing machines

yes it could all be verse, as the German Professor of the Great Turning said

meaning turn, dance & plough your word furrow down the page

turn to your partner heel & toe head over heel arse over tit

can we turn love leap plough dance our wild way through this together I wonder

turn up to levitate parliament house till they declare they’re poetic about survival

turn off the mines & plants of mass destruction by some well placed mantras

whisper whitmannerudarumieliotbashotufublakeshakepeare from the verdant rooftops

grow mushroom music in our basements, fish on our balconies, old in disgrace

make our own manifesto of contraband our ship will need as the seas sink upwards

then slyly manifest it sideways into streets, paper, light, what, ever


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on July 24, 2014.

3 Responses to “the manifestist manifesto”

  1. …the poetry of total mystical interdependence now bleedingly obvious to pre-schoolers…like you I don’t want answers so much as good questions…

    thanx peter…your poems are an oasis…

  2. is that what we’re doing…selling our pov…?

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