Mug Shot

[Older poem about early childhood, and the first poem. Photo from world war two bombed out London, the ‘milk of human kindness’….]

Mug Shot

Time to go to school
ding dong bell
Peter’s in the well

of reading, writing, rhythmic ticks
little round things that stick
in gold, red, blue for being good.

First ever invented sentence
carved into page with pencil:
‘I have a mug.’

The container of the milk
of human kindness
and/or mother.

Change a consonant
and a mum appears.
Backwards it’s sticky

and supports teeth.
No change, still a mouth.
Mum mouth. Mum’s the word.

A relationship
of having
a thing.

Have, not am
a mug,
I’ll have you know.

The thing and I,
both empty.
A life of poetry

starts here,
ends here,
mouth-mothering words

waiting to be filled
with fire with beauty
pouring from above.


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on July 9, 2014.

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