The Black Flag

Corridor of a Californian prisonapple_good_foxconn-factory-china

[Images: US prison, Foxconn factory in China producing for Apple etc.]

The Black Flag

because we were all black
once upon a time
in Africa

because the unseen
Shadow in our dreams
remembers to fill us in

because white’s been on top
long enough, now it’s black,
yellow, brown & beige

because black is the colour
of my true love’s hair
in the morning when I rise

because ninety five per cent
of the universe, & us, is dark
unknown, unknowable

because black isn’t just another
colour but the silent interior
of all their rainbow loudness

because ravens are dark wisdom
& sit on white Odin’s shoulders
while he writhes on the tree

because cool waiters, mourners
& that sexy little black dress
are all unaware anarchy in drag

because black is like left: sinister,
risky Trickster, death-defying &
-accepting tightrope of life & light

because the brightest
hope is born
in the darkest night

because it’s the anti- or meta-flag
waving in a state of anarchy
where we no longer need flags


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 28, 2014.

6 Responses to “The Black Flag”

  1. no more flags…no more borders…and no more fear of black…that mysterious unknown…

  2. And all us likers have black and white pictures! (so far…)

  3. Black, yellow, beige and brown! Changed the order coz it reminds me of a diity. Here’s a ~real live musical trickster for ya. Live and studio version. Always a little anarchy goin’ on with Nina. The blues is black and will never be anything but.

    Peter. if you’re learnin’ some licks, the studio version guitar solo has always been one of my favs. Nothin’ more than necessary. And taste that time!

    • Thanks, James. In fact I probably did have ole Nina’s Backlash Blues in the back of my mind in that line. Also one of my favs, still have the album I bought in Munich in 68. Re the lick: stoopid Q but how do I figure out what key it’s in? Have a guess at E or A and improvise around the pentatonic shapes? And how do I steal that whole solo, just listen again and again? My fingers are hurtin, not strong enough yet. My ears just aint good enough. Watched a Stevie Ray Vaughn vid and thought, give up now. 65 Sunday, never too late to learn something new…

      • Give up now! Been there a thousand times. Still go there. Kind of have given up.

        I’m workin’ from memory, as me guitar is somewhere else, that it is in Bflat. A Jazz key!! Bflat pentatonic. The first note is the tonic, dadada da da etc., then you go to the 4th and bend up to the 5th, dwee dwee. Then back to tonic, dada da da, to the 4th bent to 5th, drop bend down to 4th, to minor 3rd and tonic. Fiddle around a bit. When it goes to the forth chord, after a little pick up line, grab the 5th and bend it up to 6th,drop back to 5th, then 4th>5th>m3rd>tonic. Kind of repeat. Somethin’ like that. Fiddle round Bflat min pent, you’ll hear it. It’s a good one to practice your shuffles. Great tempo and great groove.bYou can whack a capo on the first fret and play and open A shuffle if you want. It’s probably on the net somewhere!

        Figure out keys by listening to bass notes and just running hand along bottom 6th string till ya think your in the ball park. Then play some pent scales and see if they sound right and trust your ears, they’re all ya got! Not everyone has perfect pitch. Most musos have relative pitch, some way better than others. Some people hear real good when they have the instrument in their hands and if it ain’t, they struggle. Weird!? I got shit ears, but I persevere.

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