authentic-awakening mojo 1000
[An older poem. Graphic by Mojo.]


it was
bucketing down

the wife said
what great weather

the husband said
no it isn’t

then she knew
he had dementia

because she had
been being sarcastic

received treatment


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on May 25, 2014.

8 Responses to “Bucketed”

  1. hey Peter
    the mojo graphic leapt out at me, I’ll tell you why
    I’ve been recently looking at David Bohm again
    And the order implicate he termed;
    We know too much he explained
    Our minds are jam packed
    So we’ve lost touch
    With the muttering mythos
    Trying to nurture us home.

    • Thanks Nick, minus the mythos sounds like Zen, or Krishnamurti. Bohm had conversations with the latter (cf YouTube). Find latter much easier than Bohm myself. Quantum physics meets mysticism. Here’s my fav bit from Bohm, a short summary of what he calls ‘the plenum’, ‘holomovement’ or ‘implicate order’, echoing the great wisdom tradition of transcultural mysticism and its ‘Ground’, ‘One’ or ‘Void’ (sunyata):

      “It is being suggested here, then, that what we perceive through our senses as empty space is actually the plenum, which is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The things that appear to our senses are derivative forms and their true meaning can be seen only when we consider the plenum, in which they are generated and sustained, and into which they must ultimately disappear.

      This plenum is, however, no longer to be conceived through the idea of a simple material medium, such as an ether, which would be regarded as existing and moving only in a three-dimensional space. Rather, one is to begin with the holomovement, in which there is the immense ‘sea’ of energy described earlier. This sea is to be understood in terms of a multidimensional implicate order, along the lines sketched in section 4, while the entire universe of matter as we generally observe it is to be treated as a comparatively small pattern of excitation. This excitation pattern is relatively autonomous and gives rise to approximately recurrent, stable and separable projections into a three-dimensional explicate order of manifestation, which is more or less equivalent to that of space as we commonly experience it.”

      (Wholeness and Implicate Order, pp. 191-192)

  2. peter…it’s a loaded poem…as your poems always are…
    nick…i’ve been reading about bohm and implicate order all morning…totally fascinating…glad peter’s poem led you to mentioning him…

    • Thanks, Kristi. Have added a comment/quote on Bohm in my reply to Nick. Hope you’re well. Early fires in California? We’re also much too hot for May here, breaking the usual heat records, as usual. Wonder whether my fruit trees are going to get adequate chilling hours…

  3. the weather is telling us to pay attention…but everyone is too busy working’ for the next day…actually, i’m in florida…but the fires are starting up here as well…used to be that fires were a normal occurrence here…many plant species depend on fires for reasons i’m sure you’re aware of…but development has screwed that all up too…i guess nature will have to get seriously extreme to make herself heard and get more people to realize our interconnectedness to all things…animate and inanimate…
    i think this is a bohm quote…”intelligence is an unconditioned act of perception…”

    • Know you’re in Florida Kristi. Got a low-chill pear that apparently originated in Florida called ‘Flordahome’, makes a kinda connection to you. ‘The weather is telling us to pay attention’. Like the birds in Huxley’s utopian novel ‘Island’, trained to squawk ‘attention, attention!’ to remind people to practice those ‘unconditioned acts of perception’. Maybe we should train birds…

  4. saw a florida peach too…next i’ll see florida apples!
    it probably will take the animals to wake us up…you would think all the increased extinctions, pods of whales washing up on shores, flocks of birds dropping dead out of the sky, arctic animals dying, etc., would have done that already…but folks just put their blinkers on and stay in denial…
    wonder how this will all play out…i bounce between hope & despair…

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