Concrete Poem


[This is an experiment to see if concrete poetry works on the blog. Unfortunately WordPress won’t allow me to play around with size of font and spacing/location here. Each part should take up a full page. The rocks on the beach are basalt from ancient lava flows.]








~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 28, 2014.

3 Responses to “Concrete Poem”

  1. not sure if the format turned out the way you intended…but i like the poem!

    • Thanks Kristi! No, not really happy with the look, too restricted for concrete poems which need a lot of typographical space, size, different shapes, play with bold or colour type, etc to make them art as much as poetry…Wordpress won’t allow that stuff. Have you tried concrete or shape poems with your students? Sure they’d love it…(At least my senior high school students did…)

  2. i’ve never made concrete poems an assignment/project, but have introduced them as one of the many options for creating pages in their Altered Books…
    After reading your poem, i copied a bunch of examples off the ‘net to show the kids…
    maybe it’ll get them re-inspired like it did me !

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