German Colours

[Photos and a haiku-poem from my last visit to Bad Kreuznach in Germany for my father’s funeral in 2007]

German ColoursRIMG0072RIMG0002RIMG0023RIMG0052RIMG0047RIMG0065RIMG0081RIMG0046RIMG0005

German Colours

a blue sky scratched raw
with the white cross hatches
of 20 euro flights

on a street a woman, then another
peering downwards
from domestic blue bruises

a psychologist’s white sign
advertising psychological

a laser beautician’s white sign
advertising medical

among the puddles on a grey
building site a white shipping container
labelled Ecosoil

issuing from the grey base
of a large oak tree
a small black plastic pipe

through grey streets
a neon coloured carnival procession
cowgirls, fools, sombreros, turbans

among the busy feet in the pedestrian zone
grey motionless kneeling beggars
heads bowed before their empty caps

a grey path through green fields
cleverly constructed for the therapy
of walking barefoot


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 18, 2014.

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