In the forest


[An older poem. Hard to write about silence… The shot is from Wingello State forest near here.]

In the forest

& never to capture
how silence

how can sound
be no-sound itself,
silence consist

of sound?
Words lollop, flail,
fall into experience

not thick with words,
clear, simple
as silk, sugar

dissolved in water ‒
far away
a feint cricket

under leaf litter,
down here
it’s the way

a plant stands
in stillness

leaves taught
with light

in the water
of air, invisible
springy padding

away on dry leaves
gone again
without trace

on the surface
of silence. Above,
a wind wave

like sudden rain
sounds out
the tree tops:

head, feet
through mind-navel

soft as a mushroom
pushing through


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on March 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “In the forest”

  1. Ha! Text as silence. In the head. Silence as something, never nothing. Like the liars paradox. Strange weirdness. John Cage. 4.33. Tacet is tacit. Yearning for, never getting. A surfer sitting silently between sets. Russell’s paradox. The rustling of the leaves, comes with the wind. It never doesn’t. I can hear that silence. I surfed, browsed, skimmed, flicked over that digital non-information nonchalantly. No sentence means what it says! I like sitting quietly wherever.

    • Ha! What is the sound of one keyboard clapping? One fretboard snapping? BTW this sentence is also not a sentence, no matter how and where you do not read it.

      If an ‘e’ on the bottom ‘e’ string sounds different from an ‘e’ on the ‘a’ string because of the different harmonics/overtones of the two strings, does that mean they are different and not different at the same time, and Aristotle is once again proved wrong, just like Zen said he should be? That is also probably not a question?

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