Towards a Liberatory Technology

[About the Open Source Ecology group, sung by Lonnie Ray Atkinson. Check out their site on my blogroll. How do we get this out there to resilient communities all over the world, as part of our global movement towards a post-capitalist participatory democracy, locally anchored in local ecologies, bottom-up and freely federated globally into a world-wide-web of mutual aid and liberation? Utopia or oblivion, folks.]


~ by Peter Lach-Newinsky on February 2, 2014.

7 Responses to “Towards a Liberatory Technology”

  1. awesome…but might run into pesky building and zoning regulations…just trying to build or remodel a home or building with “alternative” materials, etc., here in south florida is a nightmare..we need ways to get around those obstacles…

  2. Over a hundred years since Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid. Have we another hundred?

    Maybe it’s oblivion.

  3. freakin’ hope not….

  4. I just saw Pilger’s Utopia. More like oblivion!!

  5. just looked at the trailer…so australia had their own holocaust…why am i not surprised…i’ll have to watch the film now…get even more depressed with the state of humanity…

  6. Yeah. Didn’t feel too great after watching it. Had to listen to 50 minutes of my Brutal Scream from the Antipodes real loud afterwards, to try and expunge the shame. Didn’t work but. Still feelin’ it!

  7. Those are all important skills to nurture and pass on, engineer, manufacture, mechanic, weld, fabricate, etc. The current educational system de-values all that hands-on stuff, what is derisively called “the trades”. The big goal now is to have a white collar.

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